Kenchikai is a kendo club in the Portland, Oregon, USA metropolitan area. We do in-person and online practices—though it's all online right now, because of Covid-19. Anybody, from anywhere in the world, can join our online membership and kendo practices. We want to create opportunities for people without access to nearby kendo dojos, for people who want to supplement their in-person practice, and also for our local members to get extra practice in too. We've found that online practices are a great way to do conditioning as well as improving something specific.

To join Kenchikai's online keiko, you'll need to have some kendo experience—that is, you're able to do most of the basics of kendo (different kinds of suburi, footwork, kamae, etc). If you are a beginner of kendo, please join our Kendo Basics class first! You'll be able to join our regular membership after completing that course. If you have some kendo experience, please fill out the application form below and we'll get back to you with information on how to join our online keiko. If you have any questions, just contact us. Thank you!