Kenchikai is a kendo club that practices in Portland, OR. Interested in trying kendo? Join as a beginner.

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2023 PNKF Taikai

Kenchikai sent a team up for the 2023 PNKF Taikai. Thank you for the fantastic taikai and for Kim Sensei from Ontario, Canada for joining our team for the team matches!...

UW Kendo Club Visits Kenchikai

Our friends from the University of Washington came to join our practice in Portland, Oregon. We enjoyed experiencing everyone's speed and energy. It's been a while since a lot of us practiced with college students! Thanks so much for coming down, and we look forward tos...

2022 UW Taikai

The Kenchikai Kendo Club sent a team up to the 2022 UW Taikai this year. It was our first tournament since the pandemic break. It was a lot of fun for everyone to get back into it, and we're looking forward to the PNKF Taikai in November!...

Shiai Keiko 4/23/2022

Thank you for everyone who joined our shiai keiko at Lewis & Clark on Saturday. We were able to get in quite a bit of shiai practice both as participants and as shimpan as well. With the pandemic it has been difficult to find opportunities to practice judging matches, so...

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